BABY GIFT PA-Free Fingertip Baby Toothbrush Pink Colour

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PA-Free Fingertip Baby Toothbrush Pink Colour

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Made from high medical grade Silicone material, 100% Bisphenol-A FREE. Silicone color is conformed with US FDA standards. This toothbrush is designed for daily baby dental care before and after first tooth appears. It is simple and comfortable start towards long term dental health. The extra soft silicone bristles can be used to gently massage the emerging teeth to relieve pain. It also make cleaning baby’s teeth more enjoyable and fun time. Transparent ensures hygienic cleaning. Safer and designed for baby thorough dental-care. Non-toxic and Nitrosamine safe. Can be sterilized by steaming or boiling. Heat resistant up to 180'C.
Materials: Silicone