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Siamese Water Botany Ambiance Diffuser Set 100% NATURAL ORIGIN INGREDIENTS

Siamese Water Botany

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Siamese Water Botany Ambiance Diffuser Set


size 450ml

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Delightfully disperses an aromatic blend of exotic blooms and refreshing mint.

Let this botany ambiance diffuser set fill the space with delightful aroma. Etched with refined details, this diffuser combines the floral notes of jasmine absolute and ylang-ylang with refreshing mint to uplift the senses.


With remarkable aromatherapeutic benefits, peppermint’s refreshing scent invigorates the senses while relieving indigestion, clearing nasal congestion and combating nausea.


Traditionally used in aromatherapy to sharpen the senses, ylang ylang is considered a natural energizer that combats insomnia and chronic fatigue syndrome. *Certified Organic


Jasmine absolute uplifts the spirit and inspires confidence. Used in skin care for its anti-aging properties, this delicate blossom aids to heal and enhance the skin's elasticity.


1. Ideal as gifts or to adorn any room.

3. Ylang ylang enhances romance and combats insomnia.

2. Jasmine's soothing, sensual aroma calms the nerves

4. A natural energy booster, mint is a remedy for jet lag.

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