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Grand Manchou Botany Ambiance Diffuser Set

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Grand Manchou Botany Ambiance Diffuser Set

size 450 ml

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Fills the air with a happiness-inducing blend of citrus and spice notes

This elegant botany ambiance diffuser set's crisp, elegant scent induces happiness and nostalgia. Promoting clarity and uplifting the senses, it blends the Oriental citrus and spice notes of Chinese grapefruit, Australian eucalyptus and rosewood oils.

Key Ingredient


With distinct woody aroma, rosewood oil promotes empowerment and emotional stability. A prized ingredient in mature skin care, it aids to rejuvenate the skin and stimulate cell regeneration.


Refreshing and reviving, the grapefruit's aroma curb stress and anxiety while promoting optimism. Rich in Vitamin C, this citrus superfood brings smoothness and elasticity to skin.


With antiseptic and ant-microbial properties, eucalyptus features a nice, fresh scent uplifts the spirit. Used in aromatherapy, its pleasant scent relieves symptoms of common colds.


1. Ideal as gifts or to adorn any room.

3. Energizing grapefruit curbs hangovers.

2. The fresh, clean aroma of eucalyptus stimulates the senses.

4. Rosewood imparts feelings of happiness and strength.

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