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Here are 7 reasons why cupcakes are actually the ultimate party food for any occasion.

1. There’s No Cake Cutting Involved

The thing about birthday cake is that it leaves someone with the responsibility of cake cutting. As simple as this task may sound, it can actually be kind of stressful when there’s a lot of people in the room and the person who’s cutting actually wants to socialize.

Not to mention, a plate of cake can actually discourage people from mingling!

When you’re at a wedding or a graduation party it’s a lot easier to make your rounds when you only have one hand holding a cupcake instead of two hands occupied with a plate and a fork for cake.

2. Portion Control Is Much Simpler

Speaking of cake cutting, there’s no guarantee that everyone will get the same size when cutting a cake. This doesn’t make much of a difference for adults, but it can help chaperones avoid a silly argument between little kids comparing sizes.

Plus, cupcakes make it easier for health-conscious people of all ages to enjoy their dessert without worrying about the size of the treat. Portion control is a lot easier when you’re looking at 1 cupcake versus deciding between an average-sized or a large piece of cake.

3. Everyone Gets to Enjoy the Frosting

Another thing about cake cutting and “even” portions is the frosting. There’s no need to worry about corner pieces or the lettering that would be on a cake when you bring cupcakes.

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This means everyone can enjoy the same amount of delicious frosting that completes this treat. It’s also much easier to slide frosting off the top of a cupcake than to eat around it on a slice of cake, which is nice for those who don’t enjoy it as much.

4. You Can Bring Multiple Flavors

Here’s something to think about: there’s no need to decide between chocolate or vanilla anymore when you opt to bring cupcakes to a party – or red velvet or carrot cake or anything else for that matter.

Cupcakes give you the chance to offer multiple flavors instead! This simple detail helps you make the party way more fun. It gets people talking about all the delicious flavors you’ve brought and it gives you the chance to pair certain foods together if you’re really trying to show off your culinary skills.

5. Some Cupcakes Have Surprise Fillings

Keep in mind that a cupcake’s flavor isn’t just about the cake batter. There are all kinds of cake and frosting combinations you can come up with, plus the opportunity to put a fun filling in the middle.

What if you brought alcohol-infused cupcakes to your friend’s 21st? Or, if you surprised your little brother’s 3rd-grade class with chocolate-filled cupcakes?

These creative additions aren’t hard to add to your cupcakes, but they seriously upgrade the experience. Before you know it, your cupcakes will be making you the hit of the party!

6. Transportation Is a Breeze

As if all the reasons above aren’t reason enough to make cupcakes your go-to party food, think about how easy it will be to take them wherever you need to go.

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Cupcakes are easy to carry up a flight of stairs or set up in the break room at the office. You don’t have to worry about them tipping over while you’re driving the car or even taking up too much space on the subway. They’re also great for when you’re on the go because you can stack them in bags and hold them at your side instead of having to hold one large cake out in front of you.

7. There Isn’t Much to Clean

The final reason to bring cupcakes to any party is how easy they are to clean up! The cleanup process is arguably the worst part of hosting a party. It’s not glamorous and it doesn’t have the anticipation that the setup part at least has.

Still, it’s super simple to take care of when you plan ahead and make the party so that there isn’t much to clean. Cupcakes basically take care of themselves. It’s a lot easier for someone to throw away their cupcake liner than to throw away their plate and fork.

Some would argue these are the same thing, but in reality, people are way too tempted to just leave their plates wherever they happen to be while at a party. At least with a small cupcake liner, it doesn’t seem like as big of a hassle to throw something away and guests will be more inclined to play their part in keeping the party’s space clean.

That’s it! By now you must share our love of cupcakes! Have a party coming up? Go out and support your local bakeries and indulge in some fresh, from scratch cupcakes.

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