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Get answers to all your questions about GIFTPattaya with our comprehensive FAQ section. Discover information about our services, products, delivery, and more. Find everything you need to know to make your gifting experience seamless and enjoyable. Explore now

how to pay ?

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can i have a tracking code ?

Can I get a tracking code in Pattaya? At GIFTPattaya, we prioritize providing the best service and ensuring your gifts are in perfect condition until they reach their destination. While we don't typically provide tracking codes for deliveries in Pattaya, rest assured, we are dedicated to delivering your gifts promptly and securely. Our commitment to excellence means your gifts are handled with care from start to finish


Of course, understandable that you want to know if you can trust us. As a small one-man business, we have been committed to building a solid reputation over the past 8 years. You can check our references on various platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, to get an idea of our customers' experiences. In addition, our webshop has been online for quite some time, which is an indication of our commitment and consistency. If you need more evidence of our reliability, please feel free to contact us at We are open to questions and strive to earn and maintain the trust of our customers.

why Giftpattaya ?

If you're asking about the advantages of Giftpattaya compared to its competitors, here are some potential benefits:

  1. Unique product offerings: If Giftpattaya offers unique products that are hard to find elsewhere, this could be a significant advantage.

  2. Service and customer support: Excellent customer service, prompt responses to inquiries and complaints, and personalized experiences can build customer loyalty and set Giftpattaya apart from competitors.

  3. Pricing strategy: If Giftpattaya offers competitive prices or regularly runs discounts and promotions, this could attract customers and help them prefer Giftpattaya over other providers.

  4. Product quality: If Giftpattaya's products are of high quality and offer reliability, this could be a significant advantage over competitors with less reliable products.

  5. Marketing and brand awareness: Effective marketing strategies and strong brand awareness can help Giftpattaya stand out and attract more customers than its competitors.

It's important to note that these advantages depend on various factors, including the specific market, target audience, and competitive landscape in which Giftpattaya operates.

where is giftpattaya from ?

With two locations - the warehouse situated at Maprachant Lake in Pattaya and a store in Pattaya itself - and your roots in Pattaya, you have a strong connection to your business. As a hardworking female owner who is ready to serve her customers day and night, it's clear that delivering excellent service is your priority. You understand that every customer deserves your best service and strive to make each gift a unique and memorable experience.

How we sure we have good company ?

The company has undergone business verification on various platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, PayPal, and government agencies. This verification, along with positive feedback and reviews, contributes to strengthening customer trust in the company. This verification is actively communicated to customers to emphasize the credibility and reliability of the company."