Beauty and healthy Extra Virgin Coconut oil Organic cold press

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 i-nature" Extra Virgin Coconut oil Organic cold press 100% ( 250 ml.)

Colour | White

Volume | 250 Ml

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" i-nature " virgin coconut oil 100% cold-pressed naturally premium grade. rich in vitamin E natural. Help restore the skin. Moisturize the skin, reduce wrinkles, dark circles. Skin rough. Protect your skin from the sun .Apply on face & body Before - after a bath. To maintain the youthfulness of the skin. hair before shampooing 30 minutes . Nourish the hair roots strong. Reduce hair damage, split ends, dry hair and intake for healthy.

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Apply on face & body Before-after a bath. Apply all over your hair.before shampooing 30 minute


Extra virgin coconut oil 100%

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