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The teddy bear size 1 meter with flowers

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Gift a cuddly Teddy Bear to your loved ones! Teddy bears are timeless symbols of love and comfort, perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or simply to show someone you care. Choose from our selection of adorable teddy bears, available in various sizes and colors, and bring joy to someone special today!

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Why do even the adults love the cuddly bears and what’s the big deal about flowers?

Let’s see what the reasons could be…

Teddy bear is what we want to be. It is itself and is not bothered by the frenzy to be slim. It is obese and is comfortable with it. We love that attitude and we appreciate it for being honest and true to itself. Secondly, it is always smiling or always looking cute with innocence written all over its face. Jus’ like a kid.

The very reason why we love a kid can be applied to teddy bears too.

And most of all, it is a companion. It is a silent, smiling companion who wouldn’t walk out on us or argue. It is an excellent prop to be used while sleeping and a confidant with whom one can share their secrets.

All in all, it is a toy that has qualities of an ideal human being, which we desperately crave for.

And now, the flowers!

What’s it about them?

They have the shortest life span of all gifts, but they tend to invoke more emotions than any other. Actually, it is a bit cruel. They are fine when they are on the plant, but once we pluck them and wrap it up, their death is imminent.

Fragrance and beauty are associated with flowers, but they are also associated with women. When given to women, they feel they are being equated with flowers and when given to men, they believe it’s a gesture of kindness – another quality associated with flowers.

There is a need at times to gift items that have qualities that we may not possess or qualities that we may not be able to express.

That’s an important reason why our greeting cards are adorned with flowers and teddy bears

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