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Andaman Sails Perfume Diffuser 90% NATURAL ORIGIN INGREDIENTS

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Andaman Sails Perfume Diffuser


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Captures unforgettable sojourns by the sea

A brisk brew of uplifting bergamot, green tea and nutmeg, atop comforting sandalwood, beckons with an invitation to a seaside journey. Inspired by and named after Thailand's Andaman Sea, the Andaman Sails Perfume Diffuser transforms any space into a tropical haven, immersing the senses to the pleasures of pristine beaches and stunning vistas. Features an elegantly-shaped glass vessel hand-carved with the signature PAÑPURI peacock emblem.


1. Reed sticks should not be re-used with other scents.

3. Top: Bergamot, Green Tea / Middle: Nutmeg / Base: Sandalwood

5. Keep out of direct sunlight to preserve the integrity of the diffuser oil.

2. Can be enjoyed for over 2 months.

4. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

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